In 2004, with the transfer of the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” to the same well-known place where it started in 1881 in Ververato, Chios, the necessary infrastructure was built in new building facilities and logistical equipment. These facilities in 2016, according to the development plan of the 4th generation for the implementation of the Vision of its founder, were modernized. Modernization includes expanding the number of copper stills, improving the process of boiling and cooling the distillation, improving water treatment, supplying new certified stainless-steel tanks to homogenize the distillates, to mature and store products, new transport and filtering systems, new advanced production line with automated processes for all types of bottles promoted by the Distillery, etc. In addition, the production process has taken into account the protection of the environment in terms of both energy and water savings. There was also the supply of a new information system, as well as new vehicles for the transport of products. The modernized and certified bottler of the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” is now able to meet the ever-increasing global demand.