Chios 1881, the story begins in the rempikario (distillery) that was maintained in Ververato, Chios, by the Grandfather, Papamanolis Psychis and his son, Antonis Psychis, in which figs and pomaces were distilled.

Chios 1925, Konstantinos Psychis buys the distillery license from Empedoklis Mastromichalakis, actually “transforming” the dream of his grandfather Papamanolis and his father Antonis, who taught him the art of distillation.

Chios 1938, Konstantinos Psychis closes the small grocery store in Ververato and opens in the city of Chios, on Tselepi Street, a store with the main occupation of wholesale while the distillation of ouzo is still his main passion. Konstantinos, now having all the supplies, knowing well the secrets of distillation and being an active mind, started at the same time with the distillation of ouzo, the distillation of mastic and other liqueurs, creating a series of products that were gaining ground among his compatriots.

Chios 1949, his children, Giorgos and Panagiotis, from a very young age participated and served receiving his knowledge and experience as well as everything they needed to know to create quality distillates.

Chios 1971, after the end of their military obligations, Giorgos and Panagiotis turn the sole proprietorship “Konstantinos Psychis” into its current corporate form “K. Psychis & Sons Distillery” based in the city of Chios and with the characteristic title “Psychis Traditional Distillery”.

Chios 2004, the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” was moved to new facilities in the same well-known place where it started in 1881 in Ververato, Chios.

Chios 2011, the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” passes into the hands of the 4th generation which implements a complete upgrade of the entire facility, in which the traditional method of distillation and production is applied in a modern way with bottling and packaging. The new upgraded facilities include handmade copper stills and modern bottling lines, while all procedures are performed under strict quality controls, as proved by the ISO 22000: 2005 (HACCP) quality assurance certificate kept by the Distillery. In this way, the knowledge of the founder was inherited from generation to generation with reverence and faith in the old recipes and the traditional art of distillation, achieving excellent quality products. The know-how, the experience, but also the meticulous selection of the seeds and plants that are cultivated in Chios, give the products of the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” the special aroma and the characteristic rich taste that distinguishes them. The traditional Chian Ouzo, the inspired Ouzo Mastiha, Tsipouro and the unique world Chios Mastiha Liqueur, are the characteristic products of the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” with the well-known exquisite taste and the characteristic quality of the Chian tradition. The aroma and taste of mastic, the authentic distillate of Chian anise and the natural alcohol, are some of the basic ingredients of the products of the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” necessary for our special moments.