The uniqueness of the raw materials and their meticulous selection are the basis of our excellent products. The distillation of the aniseed seeds for Ouzo of Chios, the original Mastic for the Chios Mastiha Liqueur together with ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin and on the other hand the selection of fine grape varieties for Tsipouro, is carried out in traditional copper stills in order to maintain the quality of the products. Patience for slow separation and constant control throughout the distillation process are guarantees for obtaining high quality distillates. The distillates are then left in certified stainless-steel tanks until they mature. When the aroma and taste have been balanced, dilution is carried out with high quality water specially processed in our facilities and we receive the final product. The production process is completed after the final product has matured with its filtration. Then the product is ready for bottling in the high-capacity modern machines of the distillery.